Our Partners

Events Highlight

  • 05-08 May 2014 AlwadiComs participates in TAQNYA 2014 exhibition with various solutions
  • Mar-2009 Alwadi communications carried out the IBS in building workshop and training
  • 15-Feb-2009, Alwadi communication conducts the Safety Day to increase people awareness of safety


Our business alliance brings together the expertise and experience required for businesses to fully benefit from the strategic relationships we have developed over many years in business.

Our Strategic partner network is primarily focused on jointly generating new business with our partners and supporting customer initiatives in collaboration with our partner's technology.

 Alwadi Communications is proud to be working with companies that share our objectives of delivering real benefits to the fast growing Libyan businesses, government enterprises and all organizations.

Through our simple co-sell model supported by joint solutions, case studies, research papers, events and social network marketing, we’re able to leverage the largest impact on the market and provide real value to customers.