LGC Wireless

Events Highlight

  • 05-08 May 2014 AlwadiComs participates in TAQNYA 2014 exhibition with various solutions
  • Mar-2009 Alwadi communications carried out the IBS in building workshop and training
  • 15-Feb-2009, Alwadi communication conducts the Safety Day to increase people awareness of safety


LGC Wireless

A proven track record.  A proven leader.

LGC wireless IS in-building wireless voice/data coverage and capacity solutions and compact GSM and CDMA networks.

From its beginnings in 1997, LGC has been on the cutting edge of In-Building. Today LGC Wireless is the market leader with more than 10,000 systems shipped to more than 100 countries.

We are the #1 provider to the Fortune 500, and the preferred choice of the world's leading wireless operators because our best-in-class products are backed by uncompromising 24/7 support.

In fact, LGC Wireless is the only company to back its products with a guarantee.

Our solutions are built to the specifications of every customer's individual needs because every structure and venue has its own unique characteristics and wireless challenges.

Simply put, we provide better coverage with the lowest lifecycle costs of any competitive offering.

And LGC is ISO9001 and ISO14001 registered - further assurance of our complete commitment to exceptional quality.

Meet the insatiable user demand for seamless wireless connectivity almost anywhere with LGC's fast, simple, and surprisingly cost effective solutions.