Industries and Solutions

Telecom Industry

With the potential growth of local telecom and information technology industry, we stand by our telecom clients to support their business development. Based on many years of experience in supporting operators and telecom solutions vendors, alike, we have developed services and solutions teams to offer reliable solutions and services. We work side by side with our clients and participate in achieving their overall business strategic goals.

Alwadi Communications represent several international leading vendors that work along with our solution/service team to deliver cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Our professional teams with their project management skills have been delivering projects successfully for many years.


With our IT and security solutions portfolio we offer integrated solutions to governmental organizations and ministries. We understand the challenges that lie ahead in building the national infrastructure and managing critical operations vital for the development of such organizations. We support in e-services, Cyber security, security of critical national infrastructure facilities and connectivity.

Oil and Gas Industry

As a leading solution provider, and system Integrator with a local experience, we offer a wide range of telecom, IT, and security solutions that meet Oil & Gas stringent industrial requirements. Along with our technology partners, we have developed our portfolio of integrated solutions to support Oil & Gas business. Our project team is ready to support operations in tough environments, either remote inland, or offshore locations, we have been delivering full turnkey projects and services for more than 8 years. Our QHSE management system makes us the right partner for incident free work environment, and ISO 9001:2008 compliant quality system for end to end QHSE assurance.


AlwadiComs is a vendor-independent Telecom, IT, Security, solution company – as business technologists, our value lies in our ability to turn technology to business advantage for our clients – creating new and better ways of engaging with customers and helping the extended enterprise work productively, creatively and safely. AlwadiComs has invested in developing a partner eco-system which includes the world’s leading providers of business technology.


AlwadiComs solution integration is based on an integrated approach to building responsive infrastructure and meeting the critical needs of the banking business, either from banks connectivity, IT infrastructure, cyber and physical security. The technology expertise spans across application architecture, hardware, third party solution implementations and managed services.


AlwadiComs team is dedicated to understand client requirements, and to provide integrated service solutions that satisfy the unique business needs. Our team along with our business partners work side by side to develop integrated solutions, from solution design, consultancy, and professional services. Our diversified experience in telecom, IT, and security, makes us the right partner for full turnkey delivery of integrated projects for critical infrastructure of large organizations.

Our project management team is based on qualified PMI professionals with vast experience in managing full turnkey projects. This to ensure project scope is delivered within time to the required quality.


With vast experience in the local market and its requirements, with many years of interactions with leading international vendors and solution partners, AlwadiComs has developed a portfolio of qualified business partners with state of the art products.

As a local representative of our overseas global market players, we work as one entity to responsibly deliver and ensure quality of our products starting from presale support to the after sale support to our valued clients.