Radio Optimization and planning is one of the key challenges in any Cellular Network. AlwadiComs has the capabilities in understanding the issues in the network in terms of coverage, QoS can be set right with appropriate measures, and provide the following services.

Drive Testing Services

With our best in class drive testing engineers, using different types of measurement equipment, such as TEMS and Nemo, they delivered cluster drive test for all of Tripoli and single site verification test, as well as the post processing reports.

Site Survey Services

With our expert engineers and cutting-edge tools and equipment, we are able to deliver fully customized site surveys to answer Client and End Customer specific requirements, our team have delivered more than 300 sites around Libya.

Line Of Site Survey Services

AlwadiComs has the capabilities to provide LOS survey which carried out physically checking the terrain between the hop and selecting the sites for acquisition. The survey is highly critical because any failure in LOS can lead to a delay in project and a subsequent loss on account, by using helium balloon and UAV Drone survey. Also we Generate LOS Path Profile for the proposed Link using Path-loss.

RF Optimization

AlwadiComs provides Optimization services which include making RF measurements and optimization of network parameters in order to improve network performance, we have knowledge of Nemo, TEMS and analysis tools


AlwadiComs provides competitive network benchmarking for operators as per defined periodicity, scope and methodology.