Alwadi Communications

Who We Are

Alwadi Communications established in 2005, offering site supervision services. Since then, in response to market demand and change, Alwadi-Coms started adding more solutions and services to its portfolio, including network rollout services and RF planning and optimization.



We dedicate ourselves to solve customers’ problems through innovation in technology
and to be reliable throughout our delivery whilst enabling our employees.



To be the most sought company for technical solutions in the region.


We, at Alwadi Communications, value our customers’ satisfaction and trust with commitment and creativity.

Alwadi Communications

Our Services

Civil Engineering Services

Soil Investigation - Shelter Foundation

Having extensive potential and expertise, to complete scope of building Telecom sites from Conceptual Solutions for the Infrastructural aspects. Our Site Engineers are highly skilled and experienced

Radio Planning and Optimization

Drive Testing - Site Survey

Radio Optimization and planning is one of the key challenges in any Cellular Network. AlwadiComs has the capabilities in understanding the issues in the network in terms of coverage, QoS can be set right with appropriate measures.

Infrastructure and Networks Creation

Core Network - Fiber Optic

AlwadiComs can offer a complete range of professional design/build services for structured cabling or information technology (IT) project, with expert team at Telecom Infrastructure which provide the knowledge, dedication and professionalism of customer needs.

Installation & Commissioning

Wireless Services - Roll-out Services

AlwadiComs provide fully trained team who are able of installation, commissioning and network integration for telecommunication infrastructure, from a broad range of equipment providers, which including cellular, microwave, fiber optic and satellite network. As well as security system such as security cameras system.

Energy Network Services

Solar Cell - Batteries Testing

AlwadiComs teams are expert in telecommunications power supply equipment such as rectifiers, batteries, standby generators, uninterruptible power supplies and all associated reticulation, ensure that power systems on site are adapted to local conditions providing stable supplies to critical equipment.

Engineering and Consulting

Project Engineering - HR Outsourcing

We provide experienced trained staff to our clients as per the specific requirement of the client. These manpower helps the clients to reduce operations cost and thus directly helps in short or long term skilled resources requirements.

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